Aftercare Service

At RFL Facades Ltd, we strive to ‘get the job right, first time’, but this is just the start. We pride ourselves on not only delivering a quality, high performance façade but also being a key part of maintaining the building for the future.

Our Aftercare Service is designed so that occupants and owners not only get full value from the premises and help reduce any potential future cost arising from lack of maintenance, but also in collaboration with those responsible for the operating of the building to help ensure that the actual built performance reflects that of the designed performance.

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Upon the project completion we issue a full Operational and Maintenance manual, and running alongside that we also offer our Aftercare Service contract which is based on a 3-year block.

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As part of this Aftercare Service, we will visit the building annually to inspect the condition of the façade, the detailing, and any damage that may have occurred. Where any issues are found we will arrange repairs or find a suitable solution.

Also, as part of the Aftercare service we provide, we are contactable throughout the year to discuss any potential issues, advise on day to day maintenance or where any changes are required in the building fabric. This best advice service is part of the collaborative nature we like to promote to ensure that all the interested parties work together seamlessly for the benefit of the occupants and client.

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