At RFL Facades Ltd, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of the products and systems we install and the installation process itself, but the quality of the employees who work for us.

Our principal directors, as ex tradesmen, understand fully the construction industry and the difficulties that can be encountered before and during the building process. The experience of finding solutions to problems at an early stage is key to ensuring that the schemes that we are involved in are efficient, well run, and delivered on time.

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Our approach to having an inclusive team underpins the way in which we operate, with clear communication and good working relationships from the design team to the site operatives. This approach is something that is noticed by clients who require good quality, reliability and consistency to meet and exceed their expectations and requirements, which is why we have many long-term successful relationships.

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Our Philosophy

  • Quality really does matter.
  • Exceed the expectations of the client.
  • Responsibility for the work you do.
  • Continuous improvement at all levels.
  • Pride in the job you do.
  • Recognition of a good job.
  • Respect the environment, the people you work with, and the communities you work within.
  • Maintain high ethical standards.
  • Enjoy the job you do and the company you work with.

By taking responsibility you adopt accountability and hold ownership. By holding ownership, you deliver results.’

Investment in our people and management systems is key in the delivery of successful projects and holding ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 underpins the work we have put in place to help our business develop.

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